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Thermal analysis of Plastic Material to form inot the die

  1. May 29, 2009 #1
    Hi all.

    Is there anbetter way to Mold the Tip of a plastic tube, other than Glass-molding?

    I got a plastic tube, about 350cm long, 1.6mm OD, and 0.9mm ID (hence thickness = .35mm).

    Its a hollow tube (Duh!), and i need to mold , or rather form the end of this tip, into a more conical and smoother shape. I tried to mold it through a glass - test tube... (laboratory test tube), and though i got satisfactory results, i want to evaluate the results on Paper.

    Here's the process :

    > I take the test tube, and keep it on a small box with holes, which is maintained a pre-determined set-temperature = 350'C.

    > I allow some time for the glass tube to be heated up inside this mini-furnace.

    > Then i carefully pick it up, and insert this PVC Tube into it, and apply some force so the the tube's Tip melts under compression and heat, and takes the shape of the TEST-TUBE.

    > When i see that both the ends of the PVC Tube have touched each other, and the opeing is closed inside the test-tube, i quickly Put the Test-tube in a water bath, while holding the Test Tube, to allow the melted PVC tube to cool down.

    Now i wish to put this down in paper, carefully describing how it happened. Mentioning the properties of PVC (Tube), Glass (Test-tube), and Mode of transfer of Heat... and governing equations.

    I am convert this small practical into Theory. indicating properties, and time limits.

    Please Help.

    > Heat transfer equation between Glass Test Tube, and Thermoplastic PVC Tube.
    > Force required to Melt the Plastic Tube into the Glass die.
    > Time required for cooling of the Plastic Tube. etc
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