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Thermal analysis

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    Hi Friends
    I am a student of aerospace engineering and much more interested in the thermal analysis
    I need online sources for thermal analysis and design. please help me in finding some good sourses
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    Even thermal analysis is a broad topic.

    Heat transfer is involved in many types of energy/propulsion systems.

    Starting at the low end, spacecraft (in the vicinity of sun/star, electronic components and astronauts need to be cooled.)

    For energy systems, one could choose a number of thermodynamic cycles (e.g. Rankine, Brayton, or Stirling). On a planet, one could reject heat into the ground, or atmosphere, or radiate it to space.

    Heat pipes are one method of heat transfer.

    Here are some examples and thermal analysis systems -
    Thermal Analysis (STARe System)


    North American Thermal Analysis Society - see the Publications link

    General thermal analysis software is commercially available, otherwise one must write one's own code based on the numerical solution of relevant partial differential equations related to heat transfer.
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    Hi there:

    You can check out the following URL to get some quick help:
    http://members.aol.com/engware/free [Broken]


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    Thanka a lot for your responses.
    What I am searching for is any resource containing books and reports which would be helpful to me in understanding what thermal control actually is. What are the components and thermal modeling.
    Please let me know if you have any such resources.


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