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Thermal conductivity of UO2

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    I want to calculate the average thermal conductivity of UO2 by :

    1/(To-Tf) * ∫To->Tf dT K(T)

    any one can provide me anything about the thermal conductivity of UO2 as function of temperature or any measured data in a range of temperature.
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    Zircaloy-4 melting point

    what is the melting temperature of Zircaloy-4 ?
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    Look here for thermophysical properties of LWR fuel and core component materials.

    Volume 4: MATPRO- A Library of Materials Properties for Light-Water-Reactor Accident Analysis
    http://www.inl.gov/relap5/scdap/smanuals.htm (Vol 4)
    Describes the material property library, MATPRO. This library contains material property subroutines available for accident analysis.

    Download the pdf (Vol 4).

    See also the FRAPCON 3.4 manual for the latest material properties.

    It has some Zircaloy-4 properties as well.

    See also -
    IAEA TECDOC-1496. Thermophysical properties database of materials for light water reactors and heavy water reactors.

    and the older TECDOC-949. Thermophysical properties of materials for water cooled reactors.
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    Thank you very much that helped a lot. :)
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    tank's Astronuc
    it's so useful for me too;
    How can access to FRAPCON 3.4 code for calculation fuel crack models?
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    As far as I know, the code is available through the US NRC and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

    Try this - http://frapcon.labworks.org/
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