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Homework Help: Thermal Conductivity Practical

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    Hi there,...this isn't homework..its more to my practical...anyways...from the attachment given..that is the first page of my practical guide....the problem is.....on the procedure part...it asked me to plot a graph of lg temp againts t ....if i do so...how do i get the thermal conductivity of glass as the initial temp is 20 C ?!?...so weird...because i don't get lg 20 as interception from the graph......btw..if i simply assume the gradient of graph plotted is kt/Brx ...then my thermal conductivity of glass is 0.2++....i don't think thats right :(...help me anyone..please

    http://server2.uploadit.org/files/chickens-exp11.jpg [Broken]
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    First of all
    What is the unit. IT all depends on the units.
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    I think you need to look at the slope value again. It should be k/Brx since t is your independent variable and k,b,r and x are all constants. Also, pay heed to Gamma. Units will be your downfall if you are not careful.
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    oh..the units are all in W m^(-1) K^(-1)
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