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Homework Help: Thermal Equalibrium

  1. Jan 14, 2009 #1
    Suppose a large block of ice (m=5kg) has a .75kg peice of hot(200 degrees C) metal placed on it so that in time, .27kg of ice melts, what is the specific heat of the unknown metal?

    specific heat of ice - 2000 j/kg
    specific heat of water - 4186 j/kg
    Latent heat of ice - 33.5 x 10^4

    Q=mc∆T, Q=mL
    Q - Energy lost or gained.
    m - Mass
    c - specific heat
    ∆T - change in temp.
    L - Latent Heat

    Specific heat of 2114 j/kg
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    I agree with your formulas, but not your answer. Can you show specifically what you did to come up with your answer?
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    Andrew Mason

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    Why would you need to know the specific heat of water? What are your units for specific heat?

    Answer these questions: How much heat is given to the ice (in Joules)? What is the final temperature of the metal? How many Joules per Kg of metal per degree change in temperature for the metal?

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