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Thermal expansion problem

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    let's say I have a pipe with a fastener screwed into it.
    If they are of different materials, how can I find out the pressure/gap between the bolt and nut if they are heated?
    I don't expect a complete solution of course, just a couple of hints to get me going :)

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    I would first make the assumption they the two pieces are not thread and have simple smooth cylindrical surfaces and are cylindrical in shape. I would also make the assumption they the don't expand longitudinally but just radially.

    Wikipedia has all the equations you need and data for popular materials. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coefficient_of_thermal_expansion

    The "expanding ring" problem in which you essentially now have is well covered in most structural mechanics engineering textbooks. If the wikipedia site doesn't give you enough info, a descent text will.
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