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Thermal expansion?

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    thermal expansion???

    I need help asap!! the question goes like this...

    A cubic metal ox with sides of length 20cm contains air at pressure of 1 atm and a temperature of 300K. the box is sealed so that the volume is constant and heated to 400K. what is the net force on each side of the box? :confused:
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    PV = nRT --> P/T = nR/V = const.
    P0= 1 atm T0=300k
    P1= P0*T1/T0 = 4/3 atm = 135100 Pa
    F= (P1 - Patm)* S = (135100 Pa - 101325 Pa)* (0.2m^2 * 6) = 8106 N

    Bye Final
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    Doc Al

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    Well, I presume the net force on each side is zero! :smile:

    But I suppose they want you to find the outward force on each side of the box due to the pressure of the enclosed air.

    If you can assume that this box is itself in air at atmospheric pressure, then you can find the net force due to air pressure by subtracting the outside air pressure, like Final did.
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