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Thermal Expansion

  1. Nov 14, 2005 #1
    Thermal Expansion Please Help!

    I have a Thermal Expansion problem that I am having trouble with...

    It goes :

    A brass rod has a circular cross section of radius .5 cm. The rod fits into a circular hole in a copper sheet with a clearance of .010 mm completely around it when both it and the sheet are at 20 degrees C. At what temperature will the clearance be zero?

    I know I have to use Area of Expansion here, but I am not sure which version to use. I knwo to convert .5 cm to .005m and .010mm to 10m. I also know that delta T equals T-293=20-293=-273K. I do not know how to develop the equation. Any assistance would be appreciated, although I will warn that I do not do well with written explanations as well as numerical ones...
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