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Thermal masses in particle kinematics - thermal field theory

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    I decided to open a knew thread since I was not sure whether my problem is close enough to the existing thread "FTFT for computing particle scattering".
    When dealing with Thermal Field Theory in the early universe, some people (eg. Giudice et al. hep-ph/03010123, Weldon PhysRevD26,10(1982)) include thermal masses in the particle kinematics and the Boltzmann equations. Since the leading corrections are proportional to the temperature, the effects can be huge.
    I believe this approach is justified, but I have not found a good explanation for that. The literature I know explains the modification of propagators by resumming self-energies which leads to a modification of the denominator. So far I understand the issue. However, it is not clear to me why one can use thermal masses in the kinematics of scattering cross sections, decay rates or Boltzmann equations.
    Does anyone know literature which explains this issue in a good way?

    Thank you,

    Clemens Kießig
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