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Thermal Physics Help?

  1. May 16, 2007 #1
    Thermal Physics Help??

    Please - any help is appreciated. I kind of have an idea of where to start but would like any input. Thanks in advance.

    Consider an ideal gas of argon atoms in equilibrium with argon atoms adsorbed on a plane surface. (Ps) is the # of sites per unit surface area at which the atoms can be adsorbed, and when they are, their energy is -E per absorbed atom. Find an expression for the # of adsorbed atoms per unit area, (Pad), in terms of the quantum concentration of the argon gas (nQ), the pressure of the gas (P), the termperature (t), (Ps) and E.

    Hint: (1) Chemical potentials are equal in equalibrium
    (2) The atoms do not interact on adjacent adsorbed sites, so you may study a single site and generalize to the many site problem.
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