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Thermal radiation

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    hallo to all,

    i use a Radiation Pyrometer to measure temperature and Radiation
    Trough a datalogger i get those measurements in Volt
    i am able to convert the Volt back in the temperature but in Radiation it is more difficult
    i found the plancksche function, but i do not really understand that

    can anybody help me?
    thanks in advance!

    best regards
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    Describe your pyrometer.
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    If the target is a black body, then the radiation only depends on the temperature and surface area. If you know the temperature, then plug it into Planck's law to get the brightness (as a function of wavelength or frequency).
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    It is a Pyrometer from Heitronics, KT19.XX Series

    My target is not a black Body, for testing i measure now in the Office the door/wall. Later it will be used to measure Vegetation.
    I´m also not sure wich emissiongrade i should set. Can i use planck`s law, although i measure not a black Body? Is the function the same?

    Thank you guys so much!

    Best regards
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    I think you should email the manufacturer and ask about this.
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