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Thermal Storage Simulation in TRNSYS Software

  1. Dec 25, 2011 #1
    Hi all,

    As part of my Final Year Project I am studying the feasibility of domestic seasonal thermal storage in water tanks. I am hoping to model this system and have been looking at the TRNSYS software for doing so. I know that this is possible to do because I have seen a number of studies in which similar projects have been simulated using TRNSYS.

    My Question is this, without the full version of TRNSYS, (I have sent a request to my college to obtain a educational license but have yet to hear back) could simulation be possible. The demo version, limited to 5 component simulations can be downloaded for free from the TRNSYS website. I know i will need to input 2x heat exchangers, storage vessel, load profile, solar collectors. Which is already up to 5 components. Is weather data and controllers considered to be components also and thus the possibility of modelling said system impossible?

    Anybody who has any input on this your view would be much appreciated all the best

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