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Thermite reaction

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    Please Help!

    I am still having problems with this problem....

    It deals with the thermite reaction [tex]Fe_{2}O_{3}+2Al----2Fe+Al_{2}O_{3}[/tex]

    If 1 mole of Al is reacted with 10.0g of [tex]Fe_{2}O_{3}[/tex], how many grams of unreacted Al would remain?
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    How many moles of [itex]Fe_2O_3[/itex] are there in 10g?
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    There are about 0.0626 moles of [tex]Fe_{2}O_{3}[/tex] in 10.0g
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    This is a double post.
    Anyway no:moles of [itex]Fe_2O_3[/itex] reacted will be twice no:moles of aluminium.
    if only 0.0626 moles of [itex]Fe_2O_3[/itex] is present then correspondingly 0.0626*2 moles of Al will react.
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    Al remaining

    Assuming 10 g of Fe2O3 = 0.0626 moles (too lazy to look at periodic table),
    then Al remains is (1 - (2*0.0626))= 0.8748 mol of Al = approx. 23.6 g of Al
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