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Thermo molding/ casting help

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    Im building an outside vertical axis wind turbine. i need to build the (about 20) plastic fins that are going to be used to form the helix (which is the wind turbine)

    im trying to build the fins that are used on the helix wind turbine.
    a good video of it is on youtube:
    a crappy picture of it is on their home site: http://www.helixwind.com/en/ [Broken]

    Im going to use the method of thermo molding (melt sheet plastic till its malliable place it over a cast and use suction to form the shape you want)

    i've been all over the internet trying to find sheets of PVC which are UV and weather resistant (assuming raw pvc is not)
    i've come up with many different materials but i dont know which one to chose to make this generator.

    this stuff needs to be 1-2 mm thick (right?). able to support it's own weight (about 2ft long by 8 inches) in a 'compound angle' along with being able to stand outside weather (heat, UV< stress, etc...)

    such as abs, styrene, pvc, etc... the problem is i have no idea which one i should use for this project.

    some suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    i know this is a long post but some help would be greatly appreciated.
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