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Homework Help: Thermo Question

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    The Variation of the density with depth h in a muddy lake is given by ρ=ρ0+kh, where ρ0= 1000kg/m^3 is the density at the surface and k=100kg/m^4

    Calculate the gauge pressure at a depth of 10m.
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    Pressure is equal to Rho x g x h
    Where Rho is density of the substance, g is gravity and h is height.
    Because you've been asked to find gauge pressure, you can disregard the pressure exerted by the atmosphere.
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    Need a Help.....!!

    A Sample of Steam at 14 bar is taken from a boiler passed through a throttling calorimeter, where after throttling to 1.1 bar its temperature is observed to be 110`C, determine the dryness fraction of steam?
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