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Thermochemistry question

  1. Jan 19, 2009 #1
    I'm given:
    mass metal
    temp metal
    mass cool water
    temp water
    final temp (after insertion of metal)

    (note: this is in a styrofoam cup calorimeter)
    I need to find the amount of heat lost by the metal, qmetal.

    The only hint is:
    qmetal = - (qwater + qcalorimeter).

    Desperately tried, can't figure it out.

    I know by q = mc deltaT that the qwater is 4.1... J, but can't figure out what qcalor is!!!!
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    And if it is not given you generally can't do anything.

    However, styrofoam cup calorimeter is designed to have as low heat capacity as possible. If it is not given, you can try to solve the question assuming that calorimeter heat capacity is zero, and heat exchange takes place between water and metal only.
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