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Thermocouple Probe Selection

  1. Nov 12, 2009 #1
    Hey guys,

    First post so be nice :smile:

    I am building a system to measure the temperature of water in a tank. I will be using a thermocouple probe inside a thermowell. My very crude diagram shows the set-up;


    The temperature range is obviously 0-100 degC which seems to fall into almost all thermocouple types. I've narrowed it down to K and T types, but even then the range of product available is huge! When the thermocouple probe has been decided, choosing the thermowell should be easier.

    The purpose of the project is to investigate the dynamic properties of the measurement system for fast changes in fluid temperature. The errors will mostly come from heat transfers through the well and probe casing, so I would like these to be measureable.

    I want to observe some kind of transient response so I can then try to quantify it.

    This seems fairly brief so if you would like more information feel free to ask.


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    An unshielded junction K-type should be just fine. You should go unshielded for the transients you are hoping to look at.
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    I concur that an unshielded K-type would be fine and T-type as well even. But why exactly do you want to measure transients with a tank? Don't you think it would be better to measure fluid flow instead of a static fluid changing temperature?

    BTW, models for temperature reconstruction are somewhat common and easy to come by. Are you planning to develop your own or verify models that already exist?
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