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Thermodymics Question

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    A glass flask whose volume is 1000.0 Cm^3 at 0.0 DegC is completley filled with mercury at this temperature. When the flask and mercury are warmed to 80.0 DegC, 12.5 ML of mercury overflow. Compute the coefficient of volume expansion of the glass.

    I beleive this is the formula I want to use deltaV=(Beta)(Vo)(delta T). Solving it for beta would bring me to Beta=(Delta V)/((Vo)(delta T)). I beleive that the mercury shouldnt have anypart in this calculation but im not too sure. :yuck:

    I plugged in all the good stuff and came out with an answer of 1.56 X 10^-4. Does this seem right?
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    Andrew Mason

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    What is the expanded volume of the mercury (use the coefficient of volume expansion for Hg and apply that to the temperature change).

    What is the volume of the heated glass flask (ie. it contains all but 12.5 ml of the expanded Hg)?

    Work out the coefficent of expansion for the glass using that information.

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    Thanks! Its been a few months since ive done one of these just needed a little tip!
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