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Thermodynamic Rankine cycle

  1. Apr 24, 2014 #1
    hi guys , I am studying thermodynamic cycles in my thermodynamic course , I have a question about the power cycles like Rankine , in these systems v use superheated steam to produce work from turbine, so y there must be condenser to cool it first and then heat it , y cant v use turbine - boiler - compressor setup or turbine - compressor - boiler . I know it must have a very answer but I will b happy if I will get one...
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    Please use plain English. We do not speak text-speak in this forum. Use why instead of y, we instead of v and be instead of b.
    The condenser is required because otherwise you will spend as much energy in the compressor as you get from the turbine. You're trying to maximize your power output while minimizing any energy required by the compressor.
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    I got your points . special thanks for the answer!
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