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Thermodynamic tables

  1. Aug 25, 2010 #1
    how do you read of these tables to get them filled. Can you please show me how to do them not do them for me only please do 1 of each showing me how to do them for each. Doing past exams papers for the test coming up after summer and will need this one as it appears in most papers. The most important thing for me is how you do them thankyou very much!!!!!much love!!!!

    found these two links:

    http://www.sfsb.hr/test/testhome/Test/solve/basics/tables/tablesPC/pSatH2O.html [Broken]

    Couldn't get table numbers into each column work so i labelled them sorry for any inconvenience.

    TemperatureT (˚C) Pressure P (kPa) Enthalpyh (kJ/kg) Qualityx Phase description
    (120-temperature column) (0.47-Quality column)
    (170-temperature column) (800-enthalpy column)
    (30-pressure column) (1-Quality column)
    (65-temperature column) (450-pressure column)
    (300-pressure column) (3275-enthalpy column)
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    I'm not sure what you're asking, but it seems to me all you need is a table of thermodynamic values for saturated water which already exist.
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