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Thermodynamics and Propulsion

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    I hope this stays around.


    Texts referenced in the course notes.
    VN: H.C. Van Ness, Understanding Thermodynamics, Dover Publications, 1983; and
    SB&VW: R. E. Sonntag, C. Borgnakke, and G. J. Van Wylen, Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, John Wiley Publishers, 1998.

    Geez I used Van Wylen and Sonntag 30+ years ago. :biggrin:
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    Nice notes. There seems to be a lack of expertise in this area on the homework forums. Hopefully these notes will make up for it.
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    Thanks sir for the webpage. You are very kind.
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    may i know the mathematical expression for a diesel engine i dont know how engine hows expression -theta*s and auctuator is equal to 0n3 divide by torqueplus one
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    very nice notes for learning
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