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Thermodynamics as a beginner?

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    How do I start studying Thermodynamics as a beginner? Any reference or websites for it and then How do I need to master Thermodynamics that can support Aerospace Engineering study?
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    Start at Resnick & Halliday and work your way up to Pathria or Huang
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    I would suggest studying the properties of substances like air(gas) and water (fluid/vapour). Get comfortable with recognising the specific volume, internal energy, enthalpy and quality for different conditions of the substances (like Temp, pressure, ect.).

    From there you can begin to apply the 1st law and gradually get into more and more depth of the first law (or ideal gas).

    Print off some property tables and charts from the back of any thermo text.
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    study entropy, enthaly and kinetic theory. I find this to be a good starting point.
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    Just grab a general physics book used in universities for the first or second semester classes, and read through the thermodynamics chapters, and maybe the associates ones (gases and fluids). If you want to know more, you can get a book on theoretical thermodynamics or possibly statistical mechanics. Be warned, though, the latter two contain a lot of math.
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