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Thermodynamics? Boiling point of NH3

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    Thermodynamics?? Boiling point of NH3

    I hope I'm in the right place here, I'm no scientist, just a guy with a question. How can I find out the boiling point of ammonia at various pressures. :confused: I am dealing with an ammonia refrigeration system and trying to figure out where the ammonia stream is liquid and where it's gas. We have instrumentation telling us the pressures and temps at various points in the system, so if I only had a chart...
    Anyway, any tips on where to look or the best way to Google this thing would be appreciated.
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    I would suggest to do a search for a "phase diagram." This will be a 2-D diagram with lines on it and usually at least three labeled regions (solid, liquid, vapor/gas). The axes of the diagram are Temperature and Pressure. However, in my 5 min. search on the internet, I could not find anything useful. I will persist for a bit longer, and, if I do find something, I will edit this post to include a link.

    http://www.isis.rl.ac.uk/ISIS99/reports/9858B.PDF [Broken]
    http://bowfell.geol.ucl.ac.uk/~lidunka/papers/20.pdf [Broken]
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