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Thermodynamics: Modelling the internal environment of a tent

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    I am trying to model the temperature profile of the inside of a tent, with a view to introducing a fan which can suck outside air, to inside the tent, to cool it down on a hot sunny summer morning.

    I thought I would start by just trying to model the interior of a tent in these conditions without the fan.
    I'm assuming 2 people inside giving of a total of about 160W of heat. I would like to assime solar gain from the sun providing approx 850W/m^2 of heat to the side of the tent. The outside air temp will be about 10 Deg C, I also have some experimental data on the rate of heat loss from my 'typical' tent.

    What area of thermodynamics should I look into to start my model? It has been suggested to look at 'Adiabatic Mixing of Airstreams' but it seem to me this is not an adiabatic process as heat is being lost from the tent all the time.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to get me going?

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    Also look into the green house gases.. once of the 2 individuals decides to release x amount of gas, there will be local warming followed by reduced oxygen content
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