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Homework Help: Thermodynamics problem: help needed

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    Thermodynamics problem: help needed!!!

    Gas in a container expands at a constant pressure of 95 atmospheres. Find the work done by the gas if the initial volume is 5 L and the final volume is 10 L. Answer in units of Joules.

    I thought this problem was straight-forward, but I missed it.

    I converted 95 atmospheres into Pascals.

    95 X 1.013e5 PA = 9623500

    I then converted L into meters ^3.

    Vi = 0.5 m^3
    Vf = 1 m^3

    With the units converted, I used the equation W = P(Vf - Vi) and got the answer 4811750 Joules. The answer is incorrect, or so I believe.

    Where did I go wrong?
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    There's no problem with the conversion of the pressure's units to SI,but remember that
    [tex]1m^3=1000L [/tex]
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    Thanks alot!
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