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Thermodynamics Problem

  1. Feb 28, 2007 #1
    Can someone provide me some direction with this problem?

    A closed, rigid, adiabatic cylinder contains one liter of hydrogen gas(H2) at 276.85 degrees celcius and pressure of 400kPa and one liter of oxygen gas (O2) at temperature 26.85 degrees celcius. The two gases are separated by a mass-less, frictionless piston through which heat is transferred until the two sides are in thermal equilibrium.
    What is final temperature?
    What is final pressure?
    What is the final volume of helium gas?
    How much work is done on or by the helium gas?

    H2 | O2 |
    1 liter |1 liter |
    400kPa | 400kPa |
    276.85 degrees C |26.85 degrees C |
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    Yep, put it in the HW section! (points up above).
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    i can't figure out how to delete this post to move it
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    Dont worry, someone will move it for you. :wink:
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    Andrew Mason

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    Determine the initial pressure of the O2 and the number of moles of each gas. Do you know how to determine what the final temperature will be? (think heat capacity). From that determine the final volumes.

    Hint: Is there a material difference between the two gases from the point of view of thermodynamics? What will the total volume be?

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