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Homework Help: Thermodynamics problem

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    Hi again..

    i've been working on my prelab for my physics lab, i've pretty much solved everything except for this last problem, if anyone could help me out, it'd be appreciated



    How much heat is needed for 104 grams of ice at 0° to melt into 0° water? The latent heat of fusion for ice is 3.33*105 J/kg or 3.33*102 J/g.
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    I'd hate to just give you a formula without seeing what you've tried. All of the heat is used in the phase change: the latent heat of fusion tells you how much heat is required to melt a given amount of ice. You are told how much ice you have. Does that make sense?
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    nevvver mind i got it... i don't even know why i asked it in the first place, thanks anyway though!
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