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Homework Help: Thermodynamics problem

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    hello the problem is as stated:
    a cylinder containing n moles of an ideal gas undergoes an adiabatic process. using [tex]W=-\int Pdv[/tex] and using the condition [tex]PV^\gamma=constant[/tex], show that the work done is:
    [tex]W=(\frac{1}{\gamma - 1}(PfVf - PiVi)[/tex] where Pf is final pressure, Pi is initial pressure...
    I tried substituting that [tex]P=\frac{constant}{V^\gamma}[/tex] into the integral, and evaluating from Vi to Vf, but this still leaves the gamma as an exponent. how can i go about solving this one?
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    Replace back [tex] V^{\gamma} [/tex] by constant/P.

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