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Thermodynamics question

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    Please see attachment below. Thanks

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    Here's a quick fix:

    At 7b,
    v_f = 0.001108 m^3/kg
    v_g = 0.2729 m^3/kg

    Since the masses of steam and water are given, we can find the total volume of the closed tank to be

    V_total = (0.287 * 0.001108) + (0.713 * 0.2729) m^3

    = 0.1949 m^3

    We know that the volume remains the same after the heat addition process. And things get simplified, when all that's left is steam. You'll just have to look into the pressure states where steam has the specific volume of

    v_g = V_total / total mass = 0.1949 / (0.287 + 0.713) = 0.1949 m^3 / kg

    which is roughly 10 b, at 179.91 deg Celsius.

    Hope this helps. ;)
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2006
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