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Thermodynamics questions about beer and carbonation

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    Why does, when you hit two beer bottles together (one on top of the other) the bottom one overflows? Now I know that the CO2 is released when the beer hits the bottom of the bottle, causing a jump in pressure, but i really want to know why. I was wondering if anyone knows of any real equations because everything in my undergrad physics book is plainly the first and second laws of thermo.

    here is a specific link about what im talking about.

    Im more or less wondering if there is a specific constant for the amount of CO2 that can be released, or other variables like the temperature or volume. I mean I understand all the main points of thermodynamics, I just cant necessarially put an equation together myself...

    Thanks guys,

    (I am new here, so if there is anything I'm doing incorrectly in these forums, lemme know!)

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