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Thermodynamics: Reversible adiabatic work and internal energy?

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    When dealing with a process undergoing reversible compression from state 1 (P1,V1,T1) to γstate 2 (P2,V2,T2), the internal energy dU and the work, dw, are the same:

    considering dq= 0. Since dU = CvdT = dw. ΔU = w. ΔU = Cv(T2 - T1)

    w = [(-P1 (V1)^γ/ (-γ+1)][V2^(-γ+1) - V1^(-γ+1)] for reversible adiabatic processes.

    So my question is, w = [(-P1 (V1)^γ/ (-γ+1)][V2^(-γ+1) - V1^(-γ+1)] = ΔU = Cv(T2 - T1) ?
    Are they equal?

    If the state 1 and state 2 are only described with two variables, say (P,V) for both states respectively, that still holds true right?
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    Nevermind. I figured it out. It does not equal because. Please delete this post or close it.
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