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Thermodynamik problem

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    Hello, i have the following assignment due for monday and i have truly no idea how to tackle it, i have already tried it many times but all my results have been wrong. the problem is as follows.

    inside a sealed container is an amount of water: mass=90.26 kg; pressure 9.1842 bar; x=0.00051 ;
    h´=745.14[kJ/kg]; h= 746.17 [kJ/kg]; h´´=2773.6[kJ/kg];
    v´=0.001[m^3/kg]; v= 0.0011[m^3/kg] ; v´´=0.21338[m^3/kg];
    u´=744.22[kJ/kg] ; u=745.15[kJ/kg]; u´´=2580.12[kJ/kg]

    the container is heated using an electric heat source with P=? (im looking for this)

    the container has an entry and an exit valve, both closed.

    1) the exit valve is opened; now calculate the heater power P=? in kW required for a constant exit vapor mass(dm/dt) of 0.1[kg/s] while maintaining h´´=2773.6[kJ/kg]

    Tip: (du/dt)=(du/dm) * (dm/dt)
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