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Thermoelectric refrigerator

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    hi everyone

    I am doing a project on thermoelectric Refrigerator and from my research i found out about a p-type material known as Zn4Sb3 which has a high figure of merit however, as far as i know to make a thermoelectric module, it has to be combined with an n-tpye material. is it that any n-type material is possible to use with Zn4Sb3? can i use Bi2Te3?

    just to confirm is Zn4Sb3 possible to use for making thermoelectric refrigerator ?as some artice i read that it could not give a figure of merit of 1.4 at room temperature.

    hope someone could help me with this problem.

    I would also appreciate it if someone had any book or article about this topic to reccomend.

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    Is you project about developing a thermoelectric element, or a refigerator? If it's the latter, I would just buy an off the sheft TEC and not bother with the nitt-gritty details of how one is designed and constructed.
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    well i had to produce the module myself and i had to do a report therefore i couldnt just buy a TEC off the shelve
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