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ThermoFluids Question

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    A vertical circular cylinder holds 1 cm of liquid water and 100 cm of vapour.
    If P = 200 kPa, the quality is nearest to _____.
    2) 10.7%
    3) 40.6%
    4) 80.3%
    Answer is 2). Why? i cant seems to work out the answer.
    From Steam table, at P=200kPa, (Specfic volume) vf= 0.001061, vg= 0.88578
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    If the cross sectional area of the cylinder is A (cm^2), in terms of A, what is the volume of liquid water in the cylinder (in m^3)? What is the volume of water vapor in the cylinder (in m^3). What is the mass of liquid water in the cylinder? What is the mass of water vapor in the cylinder?
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