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Thermographic Camera

  1. Mar 28, 2007 #1

    As an electrician I'm tired of lifting floorboards to find problems in domestic propertys and having every fault finding call ending up like an episode of fawlty towers because of inter-connections, ludicrously planned cable runs and all kinds of other appalling wiring practices exhibited by the previous electricians who wired up the houses I have to do calls on. I'm so fed up I'm learning plastering on the side to give me a bit of a break from it all and a new avenue through which to earn a living. I don't obviously want to stop doing electrics though...

    So I want X-Ray vision. Not literally obviously but I really love seeing new technology shatter age old problems. So I'm in the market for a thermographic camera. It doesn't have to be ultra sophisticated, all I need is for it to show me were cable runs are, which by thermographic camera standards should be an absolute piece of cake. I've seen one new for £3,500 which I'd happily part with the money for but before I start saving or take out a loan does anyone know if I can achieve my aim with a cheaper camera?

    Just curious, I don't want to spend several grand on something when a piece of kit that costs a fraction of the price can do the same thing.

    Thanks in advance :wink:
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    The kit I've seen used for fault-finding electrical installations was a lot more than 3.5k. Don't remember the exact figure but I believe you're looking at the best part of 10k. Obviously if you're just looking to trace wiring, and not to fault-find it, you might get away with a lesser unit.

    Have a chat with the guys at Horton Levi (or similar) to see what they use.
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    Ah thanks for the information men, I'll follow up those leads :wink:
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