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Thermoluminescence questions

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    Thermoluminescence questions....


    First off apologies if this is in the wrong sub-forum.

    I was given the following two papers to read...

    Thermoluminescence of ultra-high dilutions of lithium chloride and sodium chloride.
    Rey, L.
    Physica A 323 (2003) 67–74.

    Thermoluminescence in ultra-high dilution research.
    van Wijk R, Bosman S, van Wijk EP.
    J Altern Complement Med. 12(5) (2006) 437-43.

    I dont expect anyone to read them just for reference.

    One question kept bugging me. Given that the papers are looking at the effects of ultra high dilutions how can they be assured of the purity of the solvent in the first place?

    From my understanding thermoluminescence is the re-emission of previously absorbed protons and the spectograph can give an indication of the structure. Is this correct?

    Thanks for any help,

    Dr. B
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    Re: Thermoluminescence questions....

    I haven't looked up your papers yet, but if the solvent is water, the go to method for determining the purity is good old resistivity. Ultra pure deionized water has a resistivity of 18.2 mega-ohms, and that resistance drops extremely fast if there are any ions present.
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