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Homework Help: Thermonuclear runaway

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    Hi everyone,

    Ok this gotta be a very simple question...

    "Calculate the energy released if a 1 solar mass white dwarf undergoes a thermonuclear runaway and converts 0.5 solar masses of carbon (A=12) to iron (A=56)."

    I know I'm supposed to use e=mc², but I would like to know what the reaction actually is.
    We start with 1/2 solar mass of C and get X solar mass of iron. Are we assuming X is 1/2?
    Also aren't we converting lighter atoms to heavier ones? Then how could energy be released in such a process?

    Just a little bit confused. Any help would be appreciated.
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    anyone? =/
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    Light atoms fuse and so you have fewer of them as heavier fused atoms. (I can hear you slapping your forehead).
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