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Homework Help: Thermophysics Lab write up.

  1. Sep 16, 2007 #1
    Problem: Design a lab to identify an unknown metal.

    By solving for Heat capacity, i will be able to track What the metal is. Thus the goal of this experiment is to determine the unknown metal's heat capacity.


    1. Fill .1 kg water tank with .5 kg of water @ 0 celcius.

    Heat the unknown metal ( assume .1kg), which we will call X, with Y amount of joules until it reaches 50 celcius.
    2. Place X into the water tank. Measure the change in temperature and when equilibrium is reached.

    Q = cmT where
    c= heat capacity
    Q= energy imput
    T = delta T
    Thus, we also known Qx + Q(water) = 0. (equilibrium)
    C(.1)(Tf-50) + 4186*.5*(Tf) = 0

    We can determine final Tf through various trials.

    Do you guys think this would work as a lab to determine what the metal's heat capacity is which in turn is able to tell you what the metal is?
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