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Thesis Help Sound Intensity Probe.

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    Thesis Help!! Sound Intensity Probe.

    My final year thesis is to implement a sound intensity probe in matlab using two conventional microphones. Using these microphones, i can make recordings of audio to analyse in MATLAB, with the main aim to locate the sound from the phase information, and to get intensity measurements.

    My method so far has been to input the stereo recording (of a guitar playing an A note, as a simple example) as a two column matrix in matlab. Then perform an FFT on each column individually. I can extract frequency data and amplitude data, but the phase data has been causing me trouble. I need to be able to locate the sound, but have no idea how to do it. I have tried dividing the angles of the fft and plotting this against time, but i just get a blue square. Could anyone please help me, as I have spent weeks at this, and have really hit a brick wall. It's killing me!
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