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Thesis Help

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    Hey, I'm having to write a 6-10 page essay. My teacher says I have to proove something, so she thinks it will be hard for me to do it on physics or calculus (although those are my strong points). So if you have any ideas of what I could do, please throw 'em at me. She recommends that I try to find some practical application for either subject, if that helps. Thanks a ton.
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    Your request is a little vague.

    Is this for an english class, or...?
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    1) Can you be a bit more specific about "My teacher says I have to proove something."

    2) Are you sure your in college?

    3) I suspect the paper is for an english class. If this is correct then I have to agree with your teacher and recommend you stay away from physics and math. How do you expect to write a physics or math proof for an english paper with 75% formulas and 25% words. On top of that you need to find a proof complex enough to span the 6 to 10 pages.

    My personal recommendation is to follow your teacher's recommendation and do something practical.
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    Yes it's for English.
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    Well, it need not be a math based approach to the subject. It could be more philisophical. Actually, I had always hoped to get such an assignment in english, but I have completed those requirement as far as my college work goes.
    Since I have studied the physics, I have always been amazed at the order and simplicity of our physical laws. Its given me a sort of zen like approach to life. Maybe you could write about something along those lines, throwing in such concepts as equal and opposite reactions, conservation of energy and entropy, with out getting too technical.
    Also, you could write about the public's general attitude toward physics, especially modern physics. Some of my friends talk of this stuff like its mystical, almost religion like, but they are forgetting that all these theorys, no matter how far out they may seem, are based on the results of physical experiments.
    One more idea, you could discuss the scientific method. I feel that the pure sciences are after the ultimate truth, not letting personal opinions cloud things. Therefore I feel that the sciences are acadamias highest pursuits, with little manipulation and turmoil. Us scientists dont talk smack about what we dont know about, and if we are proven wrong, we dont have as much hard feelings about it.
    I hope these ideas help, and I would really like to read your paper, please send it to me at willmisako@hotmail.com Good luck!

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