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Thesis in supersymmetry

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    i am writting a thesis in supersymmetry if someone help me please
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    The best way to get a question answered is to ask one. No one here knows what you need to know about or don't understand. The more specific the question the more likely you will be to get an answer. I hope you don't think I am being mean, I just want you to understand that most likely you will not see a lot of people rushing to answer your un-asked questions. I don't know much about supersymmetry, or why we need it, but simply asking for "help" (with what?) will not get you anywhere.
    good luck,
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    There is a very good place to check on the net if you are a physicist :

    Warren Siegel's home page

    You will find here a huge course entitled "Fields", another one on string field theory, and for your concern, the Superspace is also available. Note that whenever you are tired, you can also check a small but unforgetable article, named Stuperspace.
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    Shakeel, should I say you are a lazy researcher!
    I have done a lot of work using the net as a main source of information about SUSY and I have done a lot of search and could find fortunes.
    Please give urself a chance and do search, the nat has a lot and you can use it all.
    And yes, as norman said, ask a specific question.
    And not to waste ur time, here is a link


    it is called the arXiv.

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    Neat link, humanino. I have bookmarked it and will continue reading it soon.

    One of the things Siegel says, which should be read by all P.F. members before they start a thread on why their own ideas on relativity or quantum theory are superior, is:

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