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Thesis Subject Help

  1. Sep 25, 2010 #1
    First i am sorry about my bad English.
    I am a physics student and i am looking for a thesis subject. I want to prepare my thesis with simulation as i learn it. I have never done this before. I know Fortran. Probablity i will use Molecular Dynamic or Monte Carlo method. Can someone help me about subject what i can study ?
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    This is a topic to discuss with your adviser. They will have to help you, so you should pick some field they're familiar with. They will probably also have to help you pick a topic because they know what you can do given the time and resources available, and also what still needs to be done in the field.
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    i want study on Solid State Physics. Thermodynamic or Magnetic Properties or something like this.
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    As stated above, your adviser will give you the best information.
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    hmm Okay guys. Thank you so much.
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