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Thesis Topic Ideas

  1. Jun 14, 2014 #1

    I am a Mechanical Engineering student and I am on my last year in this course. I am currently working on my thesis and beginning with a topic is really hard. I hope anyone from this forum might help me have a good thesis idea that will give me a head-start. I will really appreciate any help that you will give me. Thank you so much!
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    Welcome to PF.
    What is your preferred area of ME ?
    What interests do you have outside ME that could benefit from ME ?
    Can you “build a bridge” between those two fields ?
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    Hi. thank you for your reply.
    Actually, I am really interested on creating a machine that would benefit the environment/nature,
    like a machine that will create alternative fuels, etc. But lots of machines were already existing.
    I am thinking, maybe, I could create a water treatment apparatus for residential areas. But, I am still kind of second guessing if it's going to be effective.
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    Evaluate your water treatment idea. Ask around to find out what is available now.

    Maybe you know about a local industry, or agriculture, that uses machinery. If several manufacturers make the machinery, can you analyse the best features of each? How could that machinery be optimised to reduce environmental and economic costs, or improve safety.

    No idea? Then pick another local industry or agricultural crop, ask people in the field what they think is the biggest problem with the current equipment. Or what equipment they would like to make it easier for them.

    Is there a local waste product that could be processed and recycled?
    What mechanical engineering challenges are there in that processing?
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