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Thesis Writing for Undergrads

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    This is something I have been thinking about and researching. I have found some answers, and it seems to be different depending on the requirements of the university, etc. Still I wonder when is it that undergrad students start writing their thesis? If you have written a thesis, what help/guidance were you provided with?

    From the information I have located, undergrads typically start writing their thesis the semester before graduation and may continue for a few months after graduation. I have also seen reference to a counselor who may review and provide guidance along the way, but I am not sure what the role of that individual is. Is there a thesis workshop or seminar?

    I hope this is not too broad. If it is, I will do my best to clarify. Thanks!
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    The undergrad thesis is usually written in the year that they graduate, either Spring or Fall. I think the more popular route is Spring since most feel that the thesis should mark the end of their undergrad experience.

    In terms of the actual thesis process (advisor, deadlines, etc.), it would be much more helpful for you to consult your department's advisor or assigned advisor. They would be much more helpful than some general and vague information we could give.
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    Thanks Anonymous217...your answer actually helped me a lot :D
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    Vanadium 50

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    If the thesis is a requirement for graduation, it usually has to be turned in by some deadline a few weeks before graduation. It does not continue post-graduation. As Anonymous217 said, your department can give you more detail on deadlines.
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    I started writing in spring, although I already did the necessary research in fall.

    In my case, the professor would present me the basic outline of what should be in the thesis. She also provided me with the necessary references that I could look into. I would then regurarly (once a month or so) meet with her to check my progress and to see if there were any problems.

    Do expect to do all the work on your own. Your professor will certainly help you if you're stuck, but you shouldn't use that resource much

    Of course, all of this is from a math point-of-view. Perhaps physics is different.
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    Thanks so much Vanadium 50 :)
    Thanks micromass :D your response was very insightful. I understand that the work of the thesis should be done by the student but was not sure what guidance was provided by the advisor/ professor etc. My upper level classes / junior year will not start until Fall of next year, so I'm trying to get a general idea of the process.
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    Hmmm...I wonder if I will have to write 2 since I have 2 majors.
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    Maybe you can arrange it that you only need to write one, but with a subject that spans the two majors. It's certainly worth to ask your department...
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    I definitely will. Thanks micromass :D
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