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Thevenin equivalent circuit

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    I trying to figure out a thevenin equivalent circuit

    I want to calculate the current I so I cant get the resistance for the thevenin equivalent.

    Im not 100% sure how to calculate I, can I use KCL on the node under the number -8.7V?

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    Re: thevenin

    That sure is a complex circuit. To find Rth, kill all the current and voltage sources and then measure the equivalent resistance between A&B.

    KCL is valid everywhere. Is that -6.7 and -8.7 node voltages given by the question? If so, then you can easily find Isc. Also note that the 1mA source is connected in parallel with a short-circuited wire.
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    Re: thevenin

    so if short circuit the system. Can I setup KCL on node A and then solve for I,
    I = I(source) + I(R10).

    But it seems odd to do so.
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    Re: thevenin

    You got the equation wrong. It's IR10 = Isource + I. Be careful of the direction designated for Isc.
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    Re: thevenin

    ok, got everything together now, ty for the help!
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