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Homework Help: Thevenin equivalent circuit

  1. Nov 22, 2011 #1
    Here the attachment is the question.

    I have some experience in solving Thevenin with Voltage source, but not with current source.
    Any idea?

    thanks and regards,

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    You will want to find the voltage across the terminals, which would merely be the voltage across the [tex]5I_x[/tex] element.
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    Nodal analysis looks promising.

    If you slap a load impedance ZL onto the output and can wrestle the output node voltage expression into the form:
    [tex] Vo = V_{th} \frac{Z_L}{Z_L + Z_{th}} [/tex]
    then you're golden. It may take some creative grouping of terms to isolate the Vth and Zth bits :smile:
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