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Homework Help: Thevenin theorem

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    Find the the equivalent Thevenin’s Voltage (VTH) across resistor R3 for the circuit.

    -can anyone tell me what's your answer for the solution?
    -if i want to use current divider rule...how am i gonna solve it?

    attempt solution:
    = 8.33v

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    To find Thevenin voltage across R3, remove R3 from the circuit. Find current flowing in the circuit and from this find voltage drop across all resistors. Now find voltage difference across the points where R3 was present. That will give you the Thevenin voltage across R3.
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    Is my attempt solution correct? oh i know ady...thanks karthick...^^ my answer is wrong.Should be V=11.78v
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    Yes your answer is right, it is 11.7V
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