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Thick as a Plank

  1. Nov 9, 2013 #1
    Hi all!

    It was stated that in planks radiation law by my lecturer thathv/kt is dimensionless but my mediocre brain cant do the analysis. Try as I might I also cant find the relevant units to prove it. If someone could help I would be eternally grateful.

    p.s. This is my first post *virginity lost*
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    What are the units of h, k, v, and t, separately?
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    h is planks constant (Js), k is the boltzmann constant (J/k), t is temp (k) and v im unsure on, which is why im struggling. Thus far i got that they cancel to leave s(then units for v). Confirmation on v would be maybe a part 2 to my question. thanks for the reply!
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    What you have written as v is actually nu (see below) which is a frequency and has units of 1/time.

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    Thanks for the clarification, that makes sense and also in terms of the dimensional analysis which now cancels. Many thanks!
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