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Homework Help: Thick or thin walled cylinders

  1. Dec 4, 2013 #1
    20 m3 of gas at a pressure of 25 bar is to be stored in a cylindrical
    pressure vessel 2 m long. Given the following information :
    The yield strength of the vessel material is 14,000 psi
    If a factor of safety of 5 is to be used, determine:
    (a) Whether the vessel should be treated as a thin or thick cylinder.
    (b) The wall thickness required for the pressure vessel

    Not sure where to start really

    20 m3 of gas at a pressure of 25 bar - I guess 25 bar is 25 x 10^6 and 20 m^3 is 20,000 litres but other than that I am stumped any help getting started or someone will to help me work through it would be greatly appreciated......
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