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Thickness of a thin film-xrd

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    will thickness of a thin film affect the result of xrd? if too thin, will not get the best result?
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    Well, think about it. If it is too thin, then you'll get signal from the substrate as well! If you only intend to study the thin film, do you think getting other signals that is NOT from the object of your study is beneficial or helpful?

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    What if the film is suspended and there's no substrate anywhere close to the film>? I know it's been done on MEMS structures, at least.

    I'd say it depends on how you set up the experiment, you might have to analize a thin film if necessary...
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    Thickness does seem to effect XRD to some extent. I've been looking at zinc oxide for about 3 years, and there is some correlation between thickness and some of the peak ratios. I wouldn't worry if your just trying to id though.
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